Uniquely Qualified

Having a tailored insurance policy for your business is crucial because of the complexities surrounding each unique business.

The training, expertise, and experience of our commercial team provide clients with detailed information needed to choose the right coverage for your business. Part of our success at LF Insurances is we get to know your business and you first before we offer the insurance products.

We offer insurance products, such as Commercial Property, General Liability, Professional Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation and Employment Practices Liability to commercial businesses including, but not limited to:

Retail owners
Religious organizations
Automobile garages and service facilities
Apartment buildings
Commercial buildings
Office buildings
Manufacturer Representatives

As a business owner, insurance is important, and our agents have you and your business interests in mind when helping you chooses the proper policy.

We will find the most comprehensive and affordable policies from our company’s network of insurance carriers.

Contact the agents in our commercial division and ask for a quote or a review of your existing coverage. You will have the peace of mind that comes with having the appropriate insurance.

Call us with any questions about Insurance or schedule an appointment. Let LF Insurance help you secure your future with the right Insurance policy. 303.422.2018

Did you know that Colorado added nearly 13,000 jobs this year alone!

With all the different industries in the country opening up, few people understand that these industries require specialized and unique insurance coverage. Not only do we offer standard commercial policies, but at LF Insurance we also serve several niche businesses in specific industries throughout Colorado.

  • Becoming severely ill and not having the money cover all the medical expenses
  • Living too long and not having enough money saved to live your life comfortably
  • Dying too soon and leaving your family and loved ones without any financial stability
Property Insurance
Property Insurance
Protect your property with the right insurance!
Property Insurance
What don't you know about Property Insurance that should?
General & Professional Liability
General & Professional Liability
Is your business protected from unforeseen legal action?
General & Professional Liability
Are you willing to risk your livelihood with the wrong insurance?
Employment Practices Liability
Employment Practices Liability
No company regardless of size is safe from being sued from employees.
Employment Practices Liability
Smaller companies need the proper type of protection just like larger corporations