Did you know that on average, $50 billion dollars is stolen annually from businesses in the US by employees?

Who needs to consider commercial fidelity and crime insurance?

  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Private Companies
  • Public Companies

Commercial fidelity and crime insurance keeps your business protected from the most common threats, including losses due to employee dishonesty, credit card forgery, computer fraud and theft, and the disappearance and/or destruction of property.

  • Theft or dishonest acts: Protects your business against theft of money or property and dishonest acts by your employees.
  • Premises theft and robbery outside the business premises: This protects your property inside your premises and covers you when a loss occurs while you’re open for business. Additionally, you are covered if you or your employees are ever robbed while doing business off your premises.
  • Theft of money and securities: Protects your business against theft, disappearance or destruction of your money inside your place of business or if you or your employees are offsite.

You may think that your company has everything in place to keep it protected in the event of fraud such as trust worthy employees, risk management controls and internal and external oversight; but when it comes to occupational fraud and abuse; there is no business that is safe. Whether your business is on a large or smaller scale, fraud can happen to any organization, so having the right coverage to fully protect your business is crucial.

At LF Insurance Group, our commercial experts have access to multiple different insurance carriers who can offer crime coverage providing protection for multiple exposures that include such losses from forgery or alteration, loss of money and securities and reimbursements for claim expenses.

Let us help your business be protected from the many exposures within and outside your business today. Call one of our commercial experts so they can work with you to develop a customized commercial crime insurance plan today!