Whole Life/Permanent Insurance

Did you know, back in 2013, life insurance companies paid out more than $548 million dollars in benefits?

Life insurance can potentially provide your loved ones with enough money to fulfill their duties and pursue their dreams; even if you are no longer with them. Americans are living longer than ever which makes it important to know you’re saving enough for the future. Are you confident that you’ve saved enough? Most people Think they cannot afford life insurance, but in fact, many life insurance policies are relatively inexpensive if purchased early enough in life.

Whole life insurance:

  • Is for people who want a lifetime coverage policy with:
    • Guaranteed fixed premium
    • Guaranteed death benefits
    • Guaranteed that the policy will build cash value

Whole Life Insurance is the only type of life insurance that can guarantee all of these benefits.

Whole Life insurance is often referred to as “permanent” because the policy remains in force for life (as long as payments continue on the premiums). The premiums you pay are scheduled to remain level or the same over the lifetime of your policy.

Once you own a Whole Life policy long enough, you start to build cash value which is also tax deferred. You can access these funds on a tax advantage basis throughout your lifetime for unexpected expenses or to meet some of your short term financial needs.

Likewise, the cash value that accumulates during your whole life policy may also be accessed through a policy loan to pay for things such as your children’s college tuition, or even a down payment for a home.

If you want the guarantee that the benefits and premiums will be the same throughout your policy, then a whole life policy is probably best for you. Protect your family, no matter what lies ahead.

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