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We Will Make Sure Your Car is Protected While Driving Colorado’s Most Scenic Views and Busy Highways

At LF Insurance Group, we have been serving the Denver, CO area for more than 25 years, giving our clients optimal service and options, including auto insurance tailored to their individual needs.

Auto insurance is perhaps one of the most valuable forms of insurance. In Colorado, not only is it required by law, but it will provide you peace of mind and protection from potentially huge liability awards. That it is why it is crucial you have the proper coverage. Depending on your individual and family’s needs, our agents at LF Insurance will provide you with quotes for your automobile policy decisions.

With our wide range of outstanding auto insurers, we can find a policy that will be comprehensive and cost efficient, while providing the best possible coverage for you.

Policy Coverage

Auto insurance coverage’s to consider, include:

Bodily injury to other parties

Property damage incurred by others



Medical payments

Substitute transportation services

Towing and labor services

Underinsured or uninsured motorist liability

Since auto insurance is a legal requirement in Colorado, it’s a no brainer to carry the policy. Choosing the right coverage is a whole different story. Questions like “Should I carry liability, comprehensive and collision or GAP coverage?” and “What do those really mean to me and how much coverage do I really need?” are common and need to be answered and understood.

At LF Insurance, we are here to serve as your trusted insurance agent. Auto insurance is just part of the entire line of personal insurance products provided by LF Insurance. Covering your automobiles is not the only way that we can serve your needs; we can also insure other valuable possessions such as RVs, trailers, ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles, boats, jet skis, and water crafts. With these specialty insurance products in place, we will help you protect the other recreational vehicles that play an essential part in your life.

Having the proper auto coverage’s is crucial in protecting yourself from paying any expenses out of pocket. Let’s say that you are involved in an accident that is not your fault, damaging your vehicle and injuring yourself in the process. You end up having to go to the hospital because of your injuries. Looking to get reimbursed by the medical bill, you file a claim to your insurance company. But come to find out, the person that caused the accident did not have auto insurance and your auto policy does not cover under-insured bodily injury. Meaning, you’ll end up paying the large medical bill out of your own pocket!

Let us help you understand and get the proper coverage to keep you protected in the many risks you encounter being out on the road.

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