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Did You Know That Colorado Seen Over 87,000 People Move to the State in the Past Year?

And the population of the state only continues to grow rapidly. This growth creates a great deal of new homeowners and homes that need to be insured. At LF Insurance, we have been providing independent insurance services to the state of Colorado for more than 25 years.

We take the upmost pride in ourselves to understanding each of our clients’ goals and needs. Through this understanding and relationship with our customers, we are able to provide options and solutions to suit their needs in a timely and money saving matter.

Homeowners insurance is quite possibly one of the most important policies you’ll ever need to have. This insurance will provide protection for one of the biggest investments you have. It is imperative to have a comprehensive policy that will protect your family, your home and its contents.

Protection to Rely on For Your Home

A homeowner’s policy can provide protection for:

  • Single family home
  • Townhome/Condo
  • Additional structures located on the property
  • Personal belongings such as clothing, appliances and furniture
  • Additional living expenses
  • Personal legal liability costs
  • Necessary medical costs
  • Extended dwelling replacement if necessary
  • Home content replacement costs

Homeowners insurance is part of the complete personal protection line from LF Insurance. Our agents will work directly with you to formulate a policy that will protect not only your home, but your family, auto, and other possessions. We will custom fit insurance programs that will provide great coverage in a way that is sensible and economical in terms of costs.

In addition to homeowners insurance we also provide:

Many people make mistakes when trying to insure their homes without the help of experts. A study a few years ago conducted by United Policyholders, found that two-thirds of U.S. homes were underinsured. Let us be the helping hand you need and deserve to protect your home and belongings.

With providing a full range of policies, we can help you choose a solution that is best for your individual situation. Whether you are a homeowner, a renter or a landlord, we use our extensive knowledge base and network of outstanding carriers, to find the best policy available for your specific needs.

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