Renter’s Insurance

At LF Insurance, a renter’s insurance policy can provide replacement cost protection for your everyday appliances, computers, personal electronics, furniture, clothing, kitchen ware, sports equipment, and other personal property items, even when they are not located at your house or apartment. This very affordable policy can protect you against losses to your property that may be worth thousands of dollars. A renter’s policy is a smart way to save money and help monitor and control your belongings and your residence.

Why do I need renter’s insurance?

Your landlord has insurance, but it most likely only covers the building where you live —it does not cover your belongings or your legal liability. If your possessions were to be stolen during a break-in, or damaged by a fire or severe windstorm, a renter’s insurance policy will allow you to recover those possessions at their value. Furthermore, if someone were to get injured during an accident in your home, and you are deemed to be legally responsible, renter’s insurance helps keep you protected in the case of a lawsuit.

What does a renter’s policy cover?

A renter’s policy provides property coverage against many causes including:

  • Fire/Lightning
  • Windstorm/Hail
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

What determines how much I will pay for renter’s insurance?

Most people are unaware that renter’s insurance is surprisingly inexpensive. Nationally, the average cost for a renter’s policy is around $16 per month, or about $189 per year; depending on how you choose to pay. This policy is cheaper because you are not insuring the building.

Like all property and casualty policies, the value of your property, along with other risk factors such as location, are weighed to determine your premium. Discounts may be applied if you purchase auto insurance and renter’s insurance from the same company. We at LF Insurance can help you find the best combination of coverage and cost.

You have thousands of dollars in property. Maybe you can’t afford to replace it all, but you can insure it. A renter’s insurance policy often costs less than a dollar a day to have. You can be prepared for the unexpected by paying a small premium, rather than spending thousands of dollars out of pocket to replace all of your personal property.

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